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We are happy to welcome you to Axina website!

Axina specializes in supplying a wide range of the most advanced equipment to facilities of chemical, petroleum, food processing, agricultural and some other industries.

The company traces its history to 1999. Since the very beginning, dozens of companies became our regular customers. The company has accumulated an extensive knowledge of the supplied equipment, which allows us to offer you qualified support in its selection and maintenance. Thanks to the professionalism of our staff and the regular training they receive, the company quickly responds to changing trends in the industries of our specialization. This allows our company to increase every year the number of partners, as well as our profit.

Set trust relationships with our partners allow us to offer our clients the lowest price and the shortest time of delivery. That is why Axina sees its main goal in meeting the needs of our clients - your needs - fully and in timely manner, because for us the most important value in working with you is to build a partnership based on mutual benefit.

Axina's quality of work is well known to our clients. What gives Axina its competitive advantage?

  • Individual consultations with clients on characteristics and maintenance requirements for various pieces of equipment during their selection. Experienced and highly qualified specialists are the main asset of our company. We are always happy to support you with consultations, so that our cooperation is based solely on the principle of beneficial partnership;
  • our equipment is produced by leading manufacturers; we are proud of our long-term relationships with suppliers and partners;
  • convenience - after reviewing the wide range of equipment we offer, you place an order for its delivery, and we prepare the best offer that will work for you;
  • flexible pricing - we are ready to give our clients customized discounts, we accept payment by installments and offer other ways of mutually beneficial cooperation;
  • we conduct complex repairs and maintenance of equipment;
  • Axina's strategy is aimed at creating and maintaining long-term partnerships and friendships.

Today, Axina offers a wide range of products, delivers custom orders, participates in bids and works with designers and developers. Our company is always moving forward. We are constantly following the development of new technologies, and we use the latest inventions.

Reliability and extensive experience allow us to give you the best service!